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As a performer, I have had a varied and exciting career that spans the worlds of music and theatre.


From a young age, I knew that music was my passion, and I began training as a classical singer at the age of 11. I loved the precision and discipline of this style of singing, and I soon realized that I had a talent for it, achieving vocal scholarships and being invited to perform my first featured soloist role at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of 15.

When I left school I decided to explore other genres of music, and studied for a degree focusing on contemporary music. This allowed me to expand my repertoire and develop my skills in other areas, such as songwriting and performance, and I also began working as a singing teacher to support my studies, predominantly teaching rock and pop vocals, as well as working with my first function bands and getting my first experiences of performing in the events industry.


Following my first degree, I decided to pursue another creative ambition and went to drama school. This challenging and demanding period allowed me to develop my acting skills and learn how to truly bring a character to life on stage. It also opened the door for me to work in musical theatre for a number of years after graduation, during which time I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform in a variety of shows in London and across the UK, playing a broad range of roles (including the panto villain!). I was also fortunate during this time to gain my first experiences of session work, initially providing lead vocals for Musical Theatre demo albums, and this journey ultimately led me to the opportunity to provide backing vocals for globally renowned artists 'Russell Watson' and 'The Priests'.


I love the energy and excitement of live performance, and I find myself drawing together the skills I have built up over the years in my freelance performing career.  I love the diversity of the events I perform at, and I find myself often spanning all of my performance styles across a week, and sometimes even in one night! I am proud of the career I have built and the experiences I have had, and I look forward to continuing to share my love of music with others for many years to come.

I have performed in....


Voice Type: Soprano

Range: F2-D5 (Belt to D4- Strong Mix to A5)


Styles: Jazz, Lounge, Soul, Funk, Pop, Dance, Disco, Musical Theatre, Classical, Classical Crossover


Skills: Lead Vocalist, Backing Vocalist, Solo Performer, Vocal Ensemble Work, Band Fronting, Vocal and Band Arranging, Session Work, Vocal Coaching, Musical Direction

Transport: Own Car


Equipment: Fully Self Contained PA, including Shure Beta 58A Digital Wireless Microphone and wireless in-ear monitoring system. Own equipment suitable for venues up to 300 capacity. Stage Lighting and disco lighting can also be provided. All equipment PAT certified.


Insurance: £10 million Public Liability Insurance, Full personal accident, injury and equipment cover.



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